"FURNITURE clothes COLLECTION" made partly of upholstery materials, obtained in accordance to the "no waste" principle. I was inspired not only with the fabrics, but also with the shape. Thats how the set of ecru leatherette sofa coat and pillow bag was created. I was expecting, that after cracow fashion awards i will be having some publicity. Thats how i came up with something bigger than just nicely made clothes. I created "Furniture clothes collection" in order to draw attention to the problem of racism in Poland. My clothes are made in 3 colors and each color represents different race of man, but the interpretation of which color is which race belongs to the viewer. My fantastic models helped me to achieve my idea, for which I am grateful to them.

Foto. Michał Magiera

Foto. assistant Klaudia Kolegowicz

MODEL. Jalese Gordon, Dominika Foremniak, Douglas Oliveira, Junise Sheppard

HAIR. Michał Mikłos

MAKE-up. Monika Adamik